Donna Deegan

Florida’s 4th Congressional District

Donna Deegan

Florida’s 4th Congressional District

Donna Deegan

Florida’s 4th Congressional District


Why I’m running

I know we must work together to solve our most pressing challenges. Access to quality, affordable healthcare, jobs with real wage growth, strong public education, safety, and addressing climate change are keys to growing the economy of our future.

As a three-time breast cancer survivor, I know there is no challenge too big to overcome. As Americans, we have faced and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges by coming together to make the impossible possible. That fearless pursuit of our boundless potential is part of our shared American spirit.

Facing a life-threatening illness three times taught me a lot about what’s important. God willing, the senseless petty fighting we see on TV and across our newsfeeds has to stop. No one political party or individual has all the answers. When your community needs help, party labels don’t matter.

I know how to ask the questions to get to the truth and how to build relationships to get the job done.

With some common sense, together, we can make the promise – and limitless potential – of America a reality for all First Coast families.



Health Sense

Healthcare is personal to me. Together, we can make quality, comprehensive, and affordable healthcare access a reality for all.

Climate Sense

Together, we can preserve our Earth for future generations.

Fiscal Sense

Together, we can invest in the middle-class and end corporate welfare.

Gun Sense

Together, we can save lives. 


Together, we can make safe, secure, and compassionate immigration a reality.


Together, we can build lasting opportunity for everyone in Northeast Florida with overdue investments in our public schools.

LGBTQ+ Rights 

Together, we can make equality for LGBTQ+ people a reality.

Criminal Justice Reform 

Together, we can choose safety and justice for all.