Health Sense

“Healthcare is personal to me. Together, we can make quality, comprehensive, and affordable healthcare access a reality for all.”

Healthcare is the primary reason I got into this race.  I believe healthcare is a human right. As a three-time breast cancer survivor, I firmly believe no one should have to choose between food and medicine, between their health and their children’s future, or between financial ruin and their own child. 

Health care is a complex issue, but these are simple values we should uphold three ways:

Cover pre-existing conditions.  

Imagine someone you love got a double whammy: job loss and a cancer diagnosis.  Under the bill my opponent championed, that loved one could be denied insurance coverage, making it hard to get a new job and impossible to treat their cancer.  We should not go back to the days when a pre-existing condition left us without coverage.

Cover all Americans

I’m open-minded on how to get to universal healthcare but get there we must. In voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, my opponent chose to throw 24 million people off of their insurance, a move that would have increased premiums by 50% over three years.  I’ll do the opposite.

Seniors over drug companies

Right now, Medicare and Medicaid are prohibited from negotiating drug prices.  As a result, Americans pay more for common, necessary drugs like insulin than anywhere else.  Congress’s unwillingness to fix it is shameful and it threatens Medicare in the long term. We need to lower costs to help our seniors. 

This is the most important issue of the campaign. I’ll make a very non-politician statement:

If you disagree with me that pre-existing conditions should be covered, that all Americans should have access to health care, and that we should value our seniors over drug company profits, you should vote for my opponent.

But if you agree with me that there is a better way, that we can save lives and money, then I hope to earn your vote in November.