Gun Sense

“Together, we can save lives.”

I will save both lives and the Second Amendment.

 I strongly believe in a law-abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.  But the push to allow anyone, no matter how dangerous, to have any type of gun, no matter how lethal, is costing innocent lives.  And it needs to stop.

 In 1995, President George H.W. Bush renounced his lifetime membership in the National Rifle Association because the organization had become too extreme. I’m with him.  The NRA has come out against common sense, lifesaving measures. They stand in the way of saving the lives of tens of thousands of people killed by guns each year. 

The inability of Congress to pass common sense gun reform is not just a failure; it is immoral.  Here’s how I will both save lives and preserve our Second Amendment liberties:

Support universal background checks

The NRA used to support these and, according to a Fox News poll, 93% of Americans (and 89% of Republicans) do right now.  No wannabe criminal or terrorist should be able to legally buy a gun. States with laws requiring background checks for all purchases have lower homicide rates, lower suicide rates, and lower rates of gun trafficking.  It should be nationwide.

Limit high-capacity magazines

You don’t need a 100-round magazine to protect your house or to hunt. You only need a 100-round magazine to maximize fear and carnage.  Limiting these magazines is just common sense.

Disarm abusers

Every month, 52 women are shot and killed by an intimate partner but many places don’t require convicted abusers to give up their guns. Laws that take guns away from abusers reduce the gun homicide rate by 15%. 

These laws are common sense.  And they will save lives.