Fiscal Sense

“Together, we can invest in the middle-class and end corporate welfare. “

Our budget deficit will top $1 trillion this year because of 2018’s tax give-away. Of the Fortune 500 biggest companies in the United States, more than 60 of them paid not one dime in federal tax in 2018.  Some of them also get subsidies from the government, meaning they made more from the government than they paid.

They are escaping their responsibility by taking advantage of loopholes my opponent and his colleagues put in the law intentionally, like the ability to deduct the entire cost of private jets.

This is simply wrong and frankly un-American.

We need to rollback these tax giveaways.  But more than that, we need to end corporate welfare. Companies should rise or fall on their own merits — that’s real capitalism.

It’s time for real fiscal sense in Washington.  That means everyone pays their fair share: no more, no less. 

And when we invest, it shouldn’t be in picking corporate winners and losers.  It should be in the health of our neighbors, the care of our elderly, the future of our children.