Climate Sense

“Together, we can preserve our Earth for future generations.”

The science is clear. Our warming oceans are causing seas to rise, which hurts our most precious resources, our water, our coastline and our economy.

We are already seeing the impacts to the First Coast.

The combination of rising seas and stronger storms is making us more vulnerable. Hurricanes Matthew and Irma caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to the First Coast and yet neither was a direct hit.

Salt water intrusion into our drinking water is already occurring and will only worsen as our greenhouse gases continue to rise.  Toxic algae blooms mean there are times when we can’t fish, can’t swim, can’t enjoy boating. The health of the river is suffering. 

Our whole quality of life and economy are at stake. 

Some of our neighborhoods already flood on sunny days and Mayport Naval Base will be breached if we don’t take resiliency seriously. 

So far our steps have been woefully inadequate. It’s time to invest wisely in green technology that will create good jobs and preserve the future for our children and grandchildren. The cost of inaction will be far greater.

In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, my opponent continues to call climate change a hoax. We can’t afford this type of head in the sand mentality. We should be good stewards to the Earth that God gave us.