Donna Deegan Questions Dubious Rutherford Claims in New Video

See full video here.

ATLANTIC BEACH, FL – In a video released online, Donna Deegan questioned the authenticity of her opponent’s claims that healthcare coverage and addressing the COVID-19 pandemic to improve the economy were among his top priorities.

“It makes no sense unless you think voters won’t catch on to the fact that your actions don’t match your words,” said Deegan. “People I talk to are tired of politicians paying only lip service while dismissing or downright making worse their legitimate concerns. John Rutherford continues to insist on making things harder for First Coast families.”

On August 8, the Florida Times-Union reported that sitting U.S. Representative John Rutherford claimed that getting the COVID-19 virus under control is crucial to “getting our raging economy back” despite trying to bring he RNC Convention as a member of the Host Committee and voting against numerous relief bills to support first responders, schools, childcare, and more. In the same article Rutherford proclaims a need for the nation to “look at health insurance overall” while continuing coverage for pre-existing conditions even though he voted to repeal those guarantees.

“If those are truly your priorities and not just election speak, why in the world would you have celebrated a vote to take away healthcare from millions of people?” asks Deegan in the video. “If you really think we need to get this virus under control before we can bring our economy back, why would you participate in bringing a 50,000 person lavish event to Jacksonville that would only make it worse?”

Rutherford voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act on May 4, 2017, voted against the HEROES Act which included funding for virus mitigation in schools on May 15, 2020, and last week voted against two bills directed at childcare relief – Childcare is Essential Act and Childcare for Economic Recovery Act.

Deegan is running to represent Florida’s 4th Congressional District. She is a fourth generation Jacksonville native, 25 year award winning journalist and broadcaster, 3 time breast cancer survivor, and founder of The Donna Marathon and Foundation aiding 13,500, and counting, underserved families facing cancer and funding ground breaking breast cancer research. 

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Date: August 9, 2020 
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