Republican-Turned Independent Audrey Moran Endorses Donna Deegan for Congress

 ATLANTIC BEACH, FL – In a video released Wednesday, 30 year-Republican turned Independent Audrey Moran shared her reasons for supporting Donna Deegan for Congress. 

“She is smart. She is high energy, and perhaps most importantly, she is fearless,” shared Moran in her video. “She will make sure there is a new energy, passion, and commitment for the people of Northeast Florida in Congress.” 

The one-minute video was posted to social media and shared with supporters via email Wednesday morning. It is the first in a series of testimonials from Republicans and Independents who are throwing their early support behind first-time political candidate Donna Deegan as she seeks to represent Florida’s 4th Congressional District. 

“She will stand up to the establishment when that is the right thing to do. And most importantly, she will make sure our voices are heard and make things happen,” Moran emphasized before concluding “We are so lucky to have a candidate like Donna Deegan running for office, and I hope you will join me in supporting her.” 

Moran has called Jacksonville home for over 36 years. Her expansive resume includes work as a mom, private-practice attorney, prosecutor, mediator, head of a homeless resource shelter, top aide to two mayors, trustee for a high-profile foundation, and health executive. Last year, Moran’s achievements led her to be honored with the Times-Union’s prestigious EVE Lifetime Achievement Award named for Arnolta J. “Mama” Williams. 

“Audrey Moran has built a lifetime of achievement. Throughout her dynamic career, she has intentionally lifted others as she climbed,” said Donna Deegan. “She has been a role model for how strong, determined, persistent, women get things done and I am honored to have her support.” 

Moran was a registered Republican for nearly 30 years. In 2011 she chose to no longer affiliate with a political Party. Hundreds of Republicans and No-Party-Affiliated voters have contributed to the Donna Deegan for Congress campaign since November. 

“This race has always been about bringing people together to solve problems,” said Deegan. “I am proud to have the support of so many people from across the political spectrum who tell me they want a Congresswoman to put them over politics and Party allegiances.” 

Deegan is running to represent Florida’s 4th Congressional District. She is a fourth generation Jacksonville native, 25 year award winning journalist and broadcaster, 3 time breast cancer survivor, and founder of The Donna Marathon and Foundation aiding 13,500, and counting, underserved families facing cancer and funding ground breaking breast cancer research. 

For Immediate Release
Date: July 29, 2020
Contact: Erica Connor, Campaign Manager 
(734) 657-4762