Donna Deegan’s People Powered Campaign Finishes Strong Spring Fundraising Quarter with Mounting Grassroots Momentum

 ATLANTIC BEACH, FL – After outraising opponent John Rutherford through two straight quarters, Donna Deegan’s campaign finished 2020’s second fundraising quarter strong by raising nearly $144,000 from over 2,700 individual contributions averaging $53. 

In total, 6,100 individual contributions have been made to the Deegan campaign since launching seven months ago on November 14, 2019. In contrast, 104 people have donated to her opponent’s campaign. 

“From the beginning, this campaign has been about the people of the First Coast, not special interests,” said Donna Deegan. “I am incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from thousands of people who chipped in whatever they could in this challenging time because they want a champion in Congress who will show up, listen and put people over politics.” 

During the same period, Rutherford’s campaign reported 44 individual contributions and 73 corporate and big special interest PACs. 

“The contrast couldn’t be clearer,” said Deegan. “When I get to Washington, I will be a voice for hardworking First Coast families and work to end the corrupting influence of money in politics.” 

According to a Gallup poll conducted last year, the American public is deeply unsatisfied with the nation’s campaign finance laws. The poll found that only 20% of Americans are ok with how campaigns are financed in our country. These results concur with Gallup’s prior polling on the topic in 2016 and are consistent with trends identified in many other polls. 

“To win, you have to get your message out and communicate with voters. That requires money,” Deegan noted. “Until policy catches up with Americans’ overwhelming desire to drive money out of politics – these are, unfortunately, the rules.” 

Individual donations to the Deegan campaign for Congress increased each month in the second quarter of 2020 with 593 individual donations in April, 788 in May, and 1,321 in June. 

“When the pandemic hit, people were filing for unemployment, saving for a rainy day, and supporting their friends and neighbors in need – not writing campaign checks. But that didn’t stop the special interest PACs,” said Deegan. “I want all First Coast families to feel a part of our movement because I will be their champion in Washington, not sit on the sidelines waiting for marching orders.” 

Donna Deegan is running to represent Florida’s 4th Congressional District. She is a fourth generation Jacksonville native, 25-year award winning journalist and broadcaster, 3-time breast cancer survivor, and founder of The Donna Marathon and Foundation aiding 13,500, and counting, underserved families facing cancer and funding groundbreaking breast cancer research. 

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Date: July 14, 2020 
Contact: Erica Connor, Campaign Manager 
(734) 657-4762