Donna Deegan

Common sense for Florida’s Fourth District


Why I’m running

While presenting news to the Jacksonville area for 25 years, I went through three bouts with breast cancer and started a foundation for the underserved survivors. I’m running for Congress because I believe healthcare should be a right in this country. 

But it’s deeper than that.

When I listen to people around here, they say the same things regardless of party:

  • I’m exhausted by the chaos, the fighting, and the fear
  • I’m frustrated by those who enable it
  • It should be easier to build a better life 
  • I want someone who represents me, not special interests.

If you believe it’s time to return sanity and civility to our government, to put people over politics, I hope you’ll allow me to serve you in Congress.  Let’s take it to the House.



Health Sense

I’ll make sure every American has the right to a doctor and control health care costs.

Climate Sense

I’ll be an environmental steward, protecting our coastline and neighborhoods.

Fiscal Sense

I’ll make sure everyone pays their fair share in taxes – no more, no less.

Gun Sense

I’ll save both lives and the Second Amendment.